Oregon, US of A
Monday, April 8, 2019

Teacher Uteah: “Humans are prone to brag about their becoming traits and personal achievements while downplaying or altogether ignoring their embarrassing flaws and setbacks.  Part of it is due to the need to preserve their emotional footing. 

“There is nothing wrong with expressing gratitude for your God-given ‘ready-made gifts’—the positive qualities incorporated at birth in your personality. However, many more gifts will be yours in divine timing.  They come in kits that require your active collaboration to be put together, thus prompting you to develop dormant skills and acquire more practical tools.  You are in apprenticeship until you master the skills required to complete those promising projects.

“Many soul edification projects require the demolition of the ghetto areas of your soul that display the stigma of your shortcomings.  Keep in mind that each one of your flaws holds the space for their positive nemesis.  What do I mean by that?

“As your foster the opening of your heart, many unkind emotional patterns will be naturally flushed out of your being—thus painstakingly scrubbing one by one the graffiti off the walls of your inner temple.

“You willing, I will act as the General Contractor—in cahoots with your Divine Indweller and your Guardian Angels.  I will teach you crucial skills and your Angels will orchestrate your field trips while your Divine Indweller will prompt you to follow the positive impulses of your heart.  By doing so, you will emerge into Light and Life at the personal level of your being—no longer questioning your identity as a resilient perennial.”