Oregon,US of A
Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Christ Michael: “Dear one, as you are asking to receive and to be in the presence of the Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit, remember that we are omnipresent and that we are always right there.  It suffices for you to turn your thoughts and your longings toward us and the spiritual gravity will do the rest.  It is a universal law and you can count that each law which has been established by the Father is fail proof. 

“This is the beauty of love.  Love is reciprocal.  Any loving thought or word pulls at our heartstrings and we too respond in kind.  Never doubt, that you are in our presence.  Just come to us candidly and spend time with us.  We have become accustomed to see you show up morning after morning and this does our heart great pleasure.  You have demonstrated consistency and reliability and you have a genuine and sincere heart.   Those are all prerequisites for us to be in touch with you.  A true friendship is based on mutual effort and longing as well as nurturing.  Adjustments need to be made constantly, thus allowing the friendship to bloom instead of withering away due to lack of attention and care.”