Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Because you live in a flawed world, it is a given that you will suffer from frequent afflictions during your earthly life. How do you handle it?

“Forgiveness is the only winning ticket.  It is what Jesus demonstrated over and over while enduring the intense emotional and physical hurts He was subjected to by His fellow men.  Sadly, human beings are very ingenious in their destructive ways!  What a misuse of their God-given creative powers!

“No matter how bad and unfairly He was treated, Jesus safeguarded His integrity by letting go and forgiving on the spot—never allowing others’ dysfunctional and ill-advised behaviors to leave a nasty mark on His heart and soul.  By not taking personal offense at them, He prevented their nasty energetic charges from infiltrating His pure being.

“Forgiveness is the most drastic countermeasure.  It nips in the bud the formation of detrimental grudges and resentments.  It bypasses the obsessive dwelling on the hurts inflicted on you by others that amplifies their prejudicial impact and adds to their adverse ripple effect.

“Whenever you experience a situation in need of emotional healing, go within and ask Me to add My ever-flowing Forgiveness to yours.  Indeed, we are in it together.  Not only should you forgive others as the Father forgives you, but you should forgive others CONCOMITANTLY with Me—a Divine Fragment of the All-Loving One.

“Love and Forgiveness are Siamese twins.  One cannot thrive without the other.  The act of ‘for-give-ness’ is a selfless gift that keeps the door of your heart wide-open.  When you generously bestow it on others—no strings attached whatsoever—it blesses you abundantly, setting you free from the negative mental and emotional patterns that hold you back, stuck in a painful past. Forgiveness allows you to fully and joyfully live in the present with nothing left to agonize about.”