Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, as you deliberately connect with Me in your morning Stillness time, you feel the Holy Hush of my Presence infusing your being.  You are receptive and you are receiving.  You are in a state of allowing, and I can take over your mental space and affect your emotional state at the same time as they are tightly connected. 

“You can change your feelings by changing your thinking. Just the same, by selecting feel good emotions whenever you find yourself in a situation which would usually trigger feelings of lower vibration, you can affect your mental well-being.   In order to be mentally healthy, you have to be able to ward off any negative frequencies.  You have to build a strong resistance to these hurtful emotions and, eventually, you will master the technique of not having any give and take with them.

“Whenever a malignant virus threatens to attack your immune system, you strengthen your immunity against it by absorbing natural antibiotics and by calling into your being a positive activation of your cells.  They are endowed with a cellular memory of their optimal functioning.  The same goes for your emotional and mental well-being.  They have been very challenged by the living circumstances on this planet and yet, you are learning how to respond to the same life challenges in a different way. 

“This is the secret to change.  The change is from within and it will eventually be reflected without.  A computer program which has viruses has to be overridden or rewritten.  Your mind is following many patterns which have been engraved into it through repetitions.  As you recognize the patterns which are not serving your highest good, you can ask Me how to transmute them into healthy response patterns so that you can be liberated from what is holding you back.

“Truth is liberating as it reveals untruth but also shines its light upward.  Never stop asking that more truth be revealed to you, as needed by your being based on its developmental needs.  Some truths are relevant to your immediate existence and some are not.  Learn to pick and chose where your attention and your energy should be invested.  Invest them wisely so as to get the best return for your investment.  Some investments are short term and some are long term.  You can work simultaneously at these different levels.  The long term investments will take you all the way to the Father in Paradise.  The short term investments will bring us closer and will bring you closer to your siblings and to unity and harmony within yourself.

“Whenever you encounter a challenging situation, go within and ask which lesson is contained in that challenge.  Then you can formulate an adequate response to the situation, a response which will keep you aligned with a positive outcome.”