Oregon, USA
Monday, October 28, 2019

“In religion, Jesus advocated and followed the method of experience, even as modern science pursues the technique of experiment.  We find God through the leadings of spiritual insights, but we approach this insight of the soul through the love of the beautiful, the pursuit of truth, loyalty to duty, and the worship of divine goodness.  But of all these values, love is the true guide to real insight.” [UB Paper 195:5]

Christ Michael/Jesus: “You are asking Me about how I communed with the Father while in the flesh. Because spiritual life is invisible and is an original experience for each unique personality, it may appear very difficult to devise a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

“However, each one of you can follow the fundamental guidelines expressed in the above statement. You are the spiritual ‘researcher’ who validates the Divine by hands-on experiences. It is, indeed, the only ‘valid’ validation for YOU. How could you merely rely on other’s subjective experiences? Wouldn’t they amount to hearsay? How do you know they are not driven by wrong assumptions or irrational emotional expressions?

“Nobody can go wrong in their quest for the Divine by (1) appreciating the beautiful, (2) pursuing the truth, (3) being loyal and dutiful, (4) and worshiping divine goodness.  These elements are available to all. However, you have to initiate your personal quest—as I did while living on Earth.

“There is no better way to raise your vibrations to a state of purity than to fully appreciate what is good, true, and beautiful—the makings of the Divine Essence. The quest for truth, beauty, and goodness are the ‘essentials’ of your spiritual curriculum. How hard is it to fall in step with these attractive attributes of the Divine?

“Variances of these elements are also to be found in yourself and your siblings—at the soul level when you awaken from your ignorance-lulled idling mode. It is how I looked at humankind and I guided My followers to get in touch with their higher selves.

“You have delicate inner sensors that trigger positive feedback whenever you are uncovering truth, beholding beauty, or being treated well by others.  Those are irresistible heart-openers. Part of your spiritual quest is to learn to live with an ever-open heart. It is quite a challenge initially due to the presence of many abrasive elements in your environment and relationships. It is the reason why you need to monitor your thoughts and emotions so that they can remain on the bright side of the spiritual street. Look for the multitude of reasons to be grateful, instead of finding justifications to be downtrodden. It will feed your being with a constant flow of positive energies.  It just takes awareness and practice.”