Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, you were just reading about Divinington where I hailed from – my home, the home where I want to take you back with Me.  The dimensions of space are unfathomable to the human mind.  The magnitude of the creation is unconceivable to finite creatures.   Yet, one day, you will know what I am speaking of, as the Father created everything to be shared with His creatures.  Those too are the gifts of the Father.


“The Father’s gifts are everywhere as everything that He created has been intended to be experienced by His creatures.  As you progress in your spiritual realizations, you get to understand that there are so many layers to your experiential journey, so many values to discover within yourself as life triggers the right circumstances.


“The learning process is ongoing and will be so forever and ever.  Each new creature in the likeness of the Divine is a new Teacher.  Each being is unique and, because of that fact, the Father is endlessly revealing Himself through His children – in a personal way.  Each friendship you strike, each personality you discover, reveals to you how personal the Father wants to be with His children.


“Do learn to cherish and appreciate one another that way.  Each brother and sister is truly a gift from the Father to your life.  Be grateful about each gift and you will see more clearly how they are being shared with you and multiplied.  Become a gift to others as well--consciously learning to reflect your unique God given personality and gifts.  Learn to express to the Father your gratitude for what you receive from others.  The more you verbalize it, the more your awareness will increase and you will no longer take anything for granted.


“This is how you live a rich life, counting the multitude of your blessings and becoming a blessing to others.  As you strive to live each day in that way, you will continuously raise your own vibrations and be lifted into My Presence.  Welcome home, my child.”