Oregon, US of A
Thursday, May 23, 2019

“You are not given truth to crystallize into settled, safe, and honored forms.  Your revelation of truth must be so enhanced by passing through your personal experience that new beauty and actual spiritual gains will be disclosed to all who behold your spiritual fruits and in consequence thereof are led to glorify the Father who is in heaven.” [UB Paper 176, Section 3]

Teacher Uteah: “Let us talk about Spiritual Indolence—a synonym to spiritual stagnation.  Many of you are putting others in charge of their spiritual life.  Sadly, they fail to recognize that the mere allegiance to a belief system does not suffice to render them spiritually vibrant. They behave like the servant in Jesus’ parable who buried into the ground the one talent entrusted to him instead of investing it wisely to make it fructify.  “But a plea concerning spiritual indolence will not justify the barren steward of truth in the presence of the Master.” [UB Paper 176, Section 3]

“Truth should act as a stepping stone amidst the quicksand of untruth.  What do you DO with it?  The game changer is the moment you jump into action prompted by personal epiphanies.  It is how you contribute to the expansion of the living truth in your life and to the ‘pollination’ of your soul to yield the many fruits of Spirit.  Crystalized truth is stripped of its life force and loses its forward momentum.  The reason why the truth revealed by Jesus is still relevant to this day is that it was practical—MEANT TO BE PRACTICED, not just intellectually acknowledged.

“Truth has to be shared in order to spread on your world like a wildfire.  Failing to do so is selfish, as truth is universal.  If you sit on your hands without acting upon its enlightenment, you will remain spiritually barren and fail to grow in spirit and wisdom. 

“By implementing what you know to be true, you will witness the positive ripple effect it generates in your character and, consequently, in your relationships and areas of influence.  Not only will the truth set you free, but it will also activate your dormant gifts and propel you to new and rewarding experiential levels.  What are you waiting for?”