Oregon, US of A
Thursday, July 9, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “You were mentioning to Me what a special moment it is when My Thoughts start flowing through your mind—a spontaneous and happy response to your heartfelt invitation. Rest assured that I will never miss such a golden opportunity to interact with you ‘the easy way.’ It is a fundamental requirement for an honest exchange that both parties yearn for it.  Your sincere longing most certainly echoes in My Heart.  

Once fully aligned in purpose, our mutual aspirations will find their fulfillment. You will then be on a faster track toward attaining your super-humanness—the point of our fusion into oneness. 

I incrementally give you any relevant feedback, according to your receptivity and capacity to pick up on the leadings of My Still Small Voice. Stillness is the best venue for our encounters. Once you calmly and attentively settle in that inner chamber where our dialogue occurs, you can better decipher My messages. I customize them according to your mindset, making do with your partially flawed belief system.

Sometimes, I speak to you in sign language—downloading images or metaphors on your mental screen. Other times, I talk to you telepathically without any preambles, and you rejoice in the fluidity of the process—as you do at this very moment.

I work with the mixed media of your vocabulary and mental database to introduce you to the unsuspected and unfathomable infinity present within yourself. A timely-delivered pointed word may have more impact and authority than a convoluted discourse due to your relatively short attention span. 

What matters is that you assimilate My daily lesson plans, developed according to your current needs for enlightenment, which have many common denominators with humankind's collective needs.

Those of you who sincerely desire to be of service to others will be enlisted as humble mouthpieces, as the Divine will make the highest use of any willing outlet. It takes time, perseverance, and practice to master a foreign language. The language I teach you is LOVE, the universal language of the soul.”