Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “Jesus certainly did not use cliches when delivering enlightening truth. When he affirmed, “The truth shall set you free,” he knew it was so. In and by itself, this truthful affirmation is liberating, as it constitutes a prophecy in better days to come.

The most rewarding quest you could engage yourself on is the quest for unadulterated truth—the truth and nothing but the truth. In these chaotic times, the forces of darkness, in a last desperate attempt to retain illegitimate control of your world, intentionally bombard you with falsified information, generating smoke-screens to prevent you from seeing things for what they are. 

No one can form an accurate opinion without having all the key-elements. It stands in the way of global unification. Points of view based on contradictory information are bound to clash when fueled with highly volatile emotions.

The journalistic integrity is compromised. Mass media string together carefully handpicked pieces of information that support their diverging narratives. They sin by omission, leaving out pertinent data that would raise the red flag of discernment in the mind of honest, God-loving individuals who wish to do what IS right.

The world will quickly become a better place if everyone worked diligently at honing their God-given discernment skills. Prayerfully turn to the Source of all truth.  Ask, and you shall receive.  By asking, you humble yourself, thus remaining open-minded and open-hearted. Your guidance team will bring critical information to your attention, bringing everything into sharp focus.

Do not take others’ opinions at face value. Why would they be more reliable than yours? Conduct independent fact-checks. Free-lance, and share the well-documented fruits of your labor. Truth is incontestable; therein lies its saving grace. Once identified, it is empowering, as it clears all debris out of the way.

Jesus expanded on the truth—he always had enough to feed a multitude to satiety. Pray that all relevant facts be brought to the collective attention so that all can take a wise stance at this historical time when the good shepherd is guiding you under his staff.”