Sunday, August 19, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Let us revisit the crucial topic of Forgiveness.  Without undergoing the healing process of forgiveness, your world would forever remain anchored in chaos, as holding on to stubborn generational or personal grudges keeps carrying forward the debts of sins and inequity—adding costly interests to them.

“When generating a balance sheet, an accountant itemizes nickels and dimes in two different columns—assets and liabilities—thus determining the balance of income and expenditure.

“In human relationships, much inner accounting takes place that may find its expression in often coerced recognition of debts of the ‘IOU’ [I Owe U] type or more frequently the ‘UOM’ [U Owe Me] one. As well, many hearts become hardened toward those who caused them pain and suffering, leading them to ‘write them off’ their lives—as an accountant would write off unrecoverable debts.

“Within the Divine Heart, no one is deemed as an ‘irremediably’ lost cause—unless that individual makes such a suicidal free will decision, turning down the proffered Divine Pardon, which should tell you much about its scope.  Such unconditional forgiveness wipes clean the trifold slate of your past, present, and future.  NEVER does it harbor petty grudges against you.  ALWAYS does it look at your life from the perspective of its divinely ordained bright future.

“Dear ones, all of you have a promising future if you come to your spiritual senses and, like prodigal sons and daughters, embrace your all-wise Parental Guidance.  The first step in the right direction is to forgive, leaving behind toxic resentments, shredding the ‘UOMs’ that keep others in your indebtedness and, therefore, subject to your emotional blackmail—a behavior that is frowned upon from On High.

“No matter what, the Father keeps on giving and ‘for-giving’.  It is His nature, a nature that was perfectly reflected in the life and teachings of Jesus.  There cannot be any unconditional love without unconditional forgiveness.  Period.”