Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Teacher Uteah: “When you study the Life and Teachings of Jesus, you quickly realize that He lived His entire life for the benefit of ALL HUMANITY—not just a few lucky ones that crossed His path. Such a realization will also make clear to you that LOVE is all-encompassing—by blessing one individual, it blesses all.

“Don’t you see what it implies? Each act of kindness should be performed with the highest good of all in mind and heart—just as Jesus lived His life. ‘How so?’ you may ask.

“First of all, any love offering makes a positive difference not just in the life it touches, but in the world at large. It may seem to be an insignificant drop in the vast ocean; yet, one little drop at a time, the ocean becomes purified. As well, love sets precedents. What Jesus did during His human incarnation, sets a ‘doable’ example for all to follow. Such is the potential impact of loving service.

“Jesus is the most eligible role-model—not just planetarily, but universally, not only for a moment in time but for all times. He led an authentic life that left an everlasting imprint.

“In your daily life, strive to expand the ripple effect of each one of your random acts of kindness. What you do for one, do it in the name of all, thus sharing the blessings with all. Amplify the prayers you feel prompted to send on behalf of someone suffering through a specific situation, by including all those who find themselves in similar predicaments. Turn your prayers and loving actions into ‘magic wands’ and ‘incense sticks.’ By changing one life—yours included—you will indeed set in motion a positive ripple effect of great magnitude—the domino effect of a life well-lived.”