Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “Your planet is undergoing a genuine existential crisis that generates widespread fears and anxieties. Loads of misinformation—circulated knowingly or ignorantly—aggravate an already critical state of affairs. Unfounded rumors create havoc by distorting reality and adding to the collective confusion.  They are like stones purposefully hurled on the surface of a pristine lake to blur the transparency of its living waters.

Separation anxiety is a frequent catalyst for fears.  When little ones lose sight of their caregivers, their initial disarray may turn into a full-fledged panic attack, as they lost their anchors—their points of reference.

Because of the spiritual amnesia purposefully induced by the Lucifer Rebellion, many live their lives purely physically.  They have not gotten in touch with their spiritual nature and wander about as spiritual orphans. 

What would happen if you opened the seals that prevent you from crossing these spiritual gateways? What would happen if you turned within, eager to acknowledge your heart's enigmatic longings, and take action to answer to their nostalgic calling? 

I can assure you that it would not take you long to experience the comforting appeasement that is the natural emotional impact of your Homecoming.  None of you should struggle alone, undergoing intense identity crises where hopelessness takes a significant toll on your inner life.

You can do it the hard or the more relaxed way.  Come to realize that there is no ground whatsoever to suffer from separation anxiety.  I have a 24/7 open-door policy and, if you perceive otherwise, you are facing the wrong way.  Turn around!”