Oregon, US of A
Friday, February 15, 2019

“One hour of teaching will not wholly change the beliefs of a lifetime, and so Jesus found it necessary to reiterate his message, to tell again and again that which he wished them to understand….”  [UB 166:4]

Thought Adjuster: “It was a tough assignment for Jesus to set the truth record straight.  To do so, He had to revisit the same topics over and over, presenting them from different angles—often resorting to colorful and relatable metaphors which acted as a reasonable substitute for hands-on experience.  In His revelatory ministry, He had to deal with the religious brainwashing of His audience. 

“To this day, the revelation of Truth has to act as a solvent for the hand-me-down types of blind beliefs which, if ever challenged by young inquisitive minds, receive the blanket answer “BECAUSE IT IS SO”—for lack of a more rational explanation.  As well, the questioners are often guilted and shamed for their independent thinking, which leads to the shutdown of many fertile minds, rendering them as sterile as the ones of their elders.  What an unproductive state of affairs!

“In spite of the many odds stacked against Him, Jesus kept at it.  He appealed to the common sense of His audience—without unduly infringing on their free will by ‘force-feeding’ them.  He spoke to their hearts.  His teachings aimed to act as catalysts for both their mind and heart openings, as they go in pair to shape a well-balanced personality. 

“The one thing He wished for them to ‘learn by heart’ was the ways of the open heart: unconditionally loving and empowered to manifest the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, as it is the love practiced On High.”