Oregon, US of A
Thursday, July 11, 2019

Christ Michael/Jesus: “The Kingdom of God is the Kingdom of the Heart, birthed through the power of Love in Action. You are one of the myriads of its manifestations, and each one is dear to the Father’s Heart.

“It should tell you that you are precious, wanted, and cared for. No matter what type of inner turmoil you may be going through, it should not be interpreted as contradicting that fundamental fact. 

“If you genuinely wish to partake to the Kingdom of the Heart, love and respect yourself, as the Father loves and respects you. If you entertain a poor image of yourself, you need to work at editing it, as the Father holds a great vision for your life, which should give you a boost.

“You are relevant, as you have been assigned a unique part in the Great Plan. In spite of your shortcomings and zones under construction, you are an architectural wonder in the making—a House of Prayers. View yourself from that perspective. Whenever you lovingly intercede for the welfare of others, you come from your heart, and your prayers have an echo.

“Each one of you bears a cross. At times, it weighs heavily on your shoulders, and you feel crushed under its weight. I know what you are going through, as I have lived through similar experiences. I never let My Spirit be broken. I kept My views focused on the wished-for outcome for My earthly incarnation. 

“Do not sweat the small stuff, as it has a higher purpose. It caters to your spiritual growth and acts as a truth-revealer—a pop-up faith test.  How else could you get a progress report from Spirit? 

“Remember that each problem has a solution, out there for you to uncover. Truth is as real as it gets even though it may seem elusive—playing hide-and-seek behind temporary obstacles or hiding in plain sight.

“Crises lead you to ask pointed questions. Once you get the solicited feedback, yours is to enact it to bring about a positive and progressive resolution.”