Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, August 1, 2018


“In your lives overthrow error and overcome evil by the love of the living truth.  In all your relations with men do good for evil.”  [UB 443:03]

Thought Adjuster: “As you ponder the above statement, two things come to the fore:  First of all, the ‘living’ truth exerts a powerful momentum that can overthrow error and overcome evil.  Secondly, it organically leads you to ‘do good for evil’, as abiding by it naturally translates itself into a loving way of being and living where Truth, Beauty, and Goodness reign supreme.

“You cannot claim to love the living truth by mere intellectual acknowledgment.  Truth has a tremendous liberating and self-validating power whenever applied. It is a teacher whose integrity cannot be compromised.  By its fruits, you shall recognize it.  Only ‘applied truth’ is liberating.  Being in possession of an award-winning recipe for a delicious cake does not suffice to deliver a memorable sensory experience.  You have to actually bake the cake according to the recipe to get to release its aroma and enjoy its flavor.

“This is the reason why Jesus constantly debunked irrational superstitions and set the ‘truth record’ straight.  He advocated for the ‘living’ truth.  Truth is indeed a spiritual entity of the highest caliber.  It rules the universes and, because it is cohesive, it stands to be vindicated anywhere and anytime. 

“There should be no fear associated with your quest for truth.  Why should you fear its outcome, since it is alignment with the truth of your being and your highest good?  Isn’t such a harmonizing factor worthy of being celebrated and proclaimed? 

“Many of you dread the criticism of their peers and it is an act of courage on their part to defect to the side of truth. Yet, it is the most rewarding decision they will ever make.  Unlike lies, truth never requires elaborate cover-ups.  Those who lead deceitful lives cannot experience the sublime feeling of inner freedom.  Truth is liberating, as it has no selfish agenda and promotes the highest good of all.  It is all-inclusive and exempt of disclaimers.  It is not fictional.  It is as real as it gets.

“Jesus who never wavered away from the Truth was impressive by the strength and harmony of His character.  Dear ones, you will tremendously progress if you measure your decisions, actions, and reactions by such a high standard:  Is it true?  Is it good?  Is it beautiful?  If you can answer yes to all of the above, you are a co-creator of Love.”