Oregon, US of A
Sunday, April 8, 2018

“The argumentative defense of any proposition is inversely proportioned to the truth contained.”  [UB 557:14]

Thought Adjuster: “Bottom line, what is not of the truth, is of the lie.  The truth is absolute and uncontroversial. A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer suffices to back it up.  Yet, it is frequently watered down or contaminated by a ‘yes but’ type of answer.  Lies have even been color-coded, starting with the so-called ‘white lies’ and ending with the ‘darkest’ ones, which frequently lead to perjury in a court of law, as they can only survive under the cover of darkness—a cover that would be assuredly blown by the light of truth. 

“Due to the conspiracy of the Lucifer Rebellion, humankind was taken hostage by the lures of an elaborate web of lies.  Indeed, in order to ‘fool’ someone, lies have to be ‘intentionally’ and ‘knowingly’ weaved under the ‘false’ pretense of contributing to the highest good.  The children of the lies are expert at disguising truth as untruth and untruth as truth—to the point when they eventually become utterly lost and confused.  They mislead others as to their agendas.  By doing so, they deceive themselves, as, in order to be able to live with what they are doing, they become adept at ‘self-lies’, ‘justifying’ to themselves their own iniquity—becoming their pro se devil’s advocates.  How twisted is that?

“Not only was Jesus the Prince of Peace, He was as well the fearless Defender and Advocate of Truth.  This is the reason why He is the best-qualified character witness of His Heavenly Father.  As Father, as son.  His Spirit of Truth has been made available for all of you to consult with.  What a gift it is in such troubled times!

“This is the reason why His leitmotiv was “The Truth shall set you free!”.  Free from what?  From the intellectual bondage of deception, and the emotional one of guilt, fear, and shame that was so brazenly put in place by the minions of Lucifer and passed on as their legacy. 

“It is time to claim your divine heritage—the only one worth claiming.  It will bring you into alignment with the truth of your being and your true calling.  By doing so, you will be empowered to climb to spiritual heights you never suspected attainable.  “You shall do greater things than I.”  Jesus’ words are forever truthful.  Find your alignment with the Truth and you will be on your way toward true greatness—the one acknowledged by your Father in Heaven as the manifestation of what He seeded within you.”