Oregon, US of A
Friday, July 10, 2020

“A human being can find truth in his inner experience, but he needs a clear knowledge of facts to apply his personal discovery of truth to the ruthlessly practical demands of everyday life.”  [UB 111:6:7]

Thought Adjuster: “You are somewhat puzzled by the content of this statement.  What is the purpose of truth?  It is to guide you.  Your outer reality ensures your physical body's sustenance and is regulated with manifestation laws, as established scientifically.  You simultaneously explore mysterious, inner territories.

In the Eyes of the Father, the outer reality is the shadow of the inner one. He IS Oneness, and all His creative endeavors have a common harmonizing denominator.  What should take precedence?

Those who operate on a purely material plane cannot experience true happiness. They fail to honor their soul’s longings for truth, beauty, and goodness.  Their excessive pursuit of sensory self-gratification causes them to miss the point of their incarnation in the flesh.

Truth is universally relevant, as it pertains to All-That-Is.  Therefore, the content of truth that you validate experientially determines your life's overall quality—its vibrancy. 

The intellectual knowledge gathered by scientific research has many practical applications supporting humankind's basic needs for survival and sustenance. Once those are satisfied, the door of creativity opens wider, spicing up the quality of individual lives. It is a rewarding process for anyone to have opportunities to implement their talents, as therein lies their passion.

What would be the point of gathering a truth database if it was not applicable?  Jesus bestowed His Spirit of Truth upon humankind to help them develop a correct interpretation of life's facts and seize the plentiful opportunities for personal and collective growth. 

Be avid truth-seekers and -revelators, as truth is a powerful and effective catalyst for change—if acted upon.  Actions are game-changers—not mere beliefs or opinions.  Truth draws you an accurate travel map toward the promised land of Life and Light, while chronic fear, generated by lies and deception, keep you frozen in place.”