Oregon, US of A
Sunday, January 25, 2015

Teacher: “Dear one, as you reflect on the love that your little furry companions bring into your lives, you ponder their unconditional loyalty.  On your worlds, animals are frequently better role models than human beings as they already have mastered the art of unconditional love.  They look up to their masters and live in the present moment.  Of course, their minds are not in the way of their affection.  It takes a lot of abuse for an animal to stop loving and to become mean.  Again, it shows the impact of abuse on the character.  How much more fragile are human beings! 


"Yes, the mental state on this planet is desperate.  After generations upon generations of misguided focuses, the fruit of this type of spirit has become undeniably visible.  So many spiritual lives have been stunted by not recognizing that the focus of this planetary life should not be the temporary material world, but the eternal values that can be developed through positive experiences while in the physical body. 


"As you shift your perspective, you come to realize for yourself, beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are a spiritual being gifted with many amazing qualities.  You come in touch with “what is possible” in the realm of spiritual achievements and spiritual growth.  You come to appreciate your God-given gifts and to treat them accordingly - with gratitude and respect.


"The greatest gift of all is the Father’s Presence within you, the constant loving Presence.  Yes, the Father never leaves His children unless they kick Him out.  The Father will remain a silent partner until such time as you ask Him for His opinion, for His vision.  Once you express such a desire, the Father will assuredly fully step into your life and become your Controller.  The Father only “takes the wheel” if you willingly step out of your ego and take the backseat, or the co-pilot seat.


As you allow the Father’s Presence to infuse your daily life decisions, the Father will continue His creative process through you and with you.  What an amazing privilege it is to be granted the status of co-creator.  Always aim at the manifestation of Truth, Beauty and Goodness as those are the foundation of any divine creativity.  Their fruit is joy, happiness and bliss, coupled with Peace."