California, US of A
Monday, September 17, 2018

Thought Adjuster:  How do you know that we are connected emotionally?  Indeed, isn’t it the purpose of our relationship to be one in heart and in spirit? 

“As you turn within, searching for the threshold leading to My Presence, you know that you have crossed it once you feel DEEP PEACE.  Indeed, the deeper you dive into this all-pervading peace, the more you are in My peaceful Presence.  I AM Peace; I AM Love; I AM Light.  Therefore, you can get in touch with Me in Peace, in Love, and in Light.

“Indeed, you can ‘spice up’ your Stillness time by alternatively placing your inner focus on Peace, Love, or Light.  Use your God-given imagination, as it is part of the process.  As well, you can recall the ‘memorable’ experiences of Peace, Love, or Light that are safely retained at the core of your being.  Feel peace! Feel love! And visualize yourself embraced by a radiating Presence!  This is how you can conjure up a solid connection with Me—your very own Divine Fragment that hailed from the all-peaceful, all-loving, and all-luminous Source of All that Is.

“Do not be discouraged if it takes you many trial-runs before you ‘get it’.  Trust Me, you will ‘get it’, as it is what you have been created for.”