Thursday, May 13, 2021

Thought Adjuster: “You cannot retrace the point of origin of your mind, as it was functioning from birth. What if I told you that it has ALWAYS been operational, as it is a tributary of the ever-existential Great Mind whose continuous stream of creative thoughts sustains the vast creative process.

The generational downstream-dumping of toxic mental substances has contaminated a significant portion of human thinking. It claims a substantial toll on the mental welfare of the planet, endangering the survival of its species. Such incongruities would have never seen the light of day if their initiators had been of sound mind.

Individuals diagnosed as mentally incompetent are appointed a guardian ad litem to represent their best interest and make decisions on their behalf. Yet, in its more subtle ramifications, insanity violate societal norms and enables ill-intended minds to constitute a threat to others—including themselves through the inescapable boomerang effect of karmic law.

How mentally sound are you?  What is the quality of your thinking?  Are your thoughts stuck in mind-dulling reruns, or do you let them roam in intellectually-inviting pastures?

It should inspire you to know that God, while animating you with his life force, wishes for you to grow in his image. To his welcome-to-the-world package, He added the wild card of your free will prerogative after installing some reasonable safety parameters to limit the severity of the damage your immaturity and impulsiveness could cause.

God's creative undertaking is 100% benevolent. His well-thought-out decisions are of eternal import.  With the collaboration of his trusted Associates, He erects multi-dimensional temporary scaffoldings that support the evolutionary emergence of his countless masterworks. Upon completion, they repurpose their supporting frames, as nothing ever goes to waste in this perfectly-run multiverse.

Do not foolishly squander your mental resources in projects devoid of the stabilizing pillars of truth, beauty, and goodness, as they cannot possibly yield the awe-inspiring fruits of Spirit. By their delusional nature, such aberrations will eventually collapse unto themselves.”