Oregon, US of A
Friday, October 2, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “As he is not conflicted within the plenitude of his loving heart, the Father only wishes the best for his offspring.  It should instill you with a profusion of realistic hope and prompt you to upgrade the quality of your interactions with yourself, your fellowmen, and your environment. 

The Creator only envisions a bright future for you, as he equipped you with what it takes to succeed. He is optimistic by nature and encourages you to express your higher propensities, defeating your baser inclinations' detrimental pull.  His long-term objective is to elevate you as a spiritual being, helping you overcome the handicaps that stand in the way of the full and beautiful expression of your higher self.

Treat others with benevolence.  Wish ill to no one, as, by so doing, you are behaving ungodly.  Jesus hated sin but loved its delusional perpetrators.  It is what prompted him to incarnate among them.  How else could he have helped turn so many lives around? Give others access to similar opportunities like the one extended to you through the resounding vote of confidence contained in such magnanimous divine pardon.

Do not remove the forgiveness tags attached to the vital dispensing of love. Unlike Jesus, you are poor judges of character due to your moral frailty.  Even though he was highly qualified to render fair judgments, the Son of God chose to incarnate as a public defender—not a judge or executioner.  His thorough and hands-on study of the complexity of human nature made him a healer of men, adept at diagnosing the roots of their brokenness and prescribing effective remedial ways to steer them toward the breathtaking coming to bloom of their divine nature.

Instead of taking pleasure when harm befalls those you hold in low-esteem, intercede for them with compassion, lending them a helping hand to forage through the wreckage of their disaster to collect the scattered remnants with which to build a sturdy life-boat for their endangered souls!  Become part of Jesus’ worldwide network of selfless lifeguards. There is no better calling.”