Oregon, US of A
Saturday, April 25, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “Isn’t it amazing that, even though you are components in the intricacy of the Divine Great Plan, so few of you stop and ponder its complexity?

All-That-Is is part of it—known or unknown to you—which includes the abundant diversity of the multiverse, as well as numerous planes of creative and co-creative endeavors.  

What about your life? The very fact that there are identifiable patterns to life should be one of the bazillion proofs that that life is ‘intelligent’—not accidental. Your body is a highly sophisticated organism that takes you places while being ‘instrumental’ to your livelihood, productivity, enjoyment, and spiritual development.  

Multitudes of animal kingdoms cohabitate with you—some created in large scales, others in microscopic dimensions. All are driven by an innate instinct that regulates their way of life and interactions. Even at the microbial level, there is intelligence at work.  

Observe your surroundings when you find yourself in an idling mode. It will unfailingly boost your sense of appreciation and gratitude. The meticulous orchestration of all these life forms is a sublime holographic work of art.  

Isn’t it humbling to realize that you have received extensive co-creative powers? Because the Father wishes to expand His creation ad infinitum, He needs laborers in the vast cosmic field and is patiently raising you from the status of an apprentice to the respectable status of co-creators. He provides you with an abundance of raw materials, a broad color palette, and gives you the loving assignment to freely express your higher-self. What you do with these educational kits is up to you. Will you use your fertile imagination to meet an identified need, invent something of utilitarian value, or beautifully express some sublime emotions? Will you ‘co-create’ a better world? 

“One of the most important lessons to be learned during your mortal career is teamwork.” [UB 28:5:14] Many crews of craftsmen are involved in erecting a magnificent cathedral. This lesson in efficiency is universal. It is taught to keen observers by the ant civilizations, the beehives, the flights of migratory birds—all creatures who operate according to their inner programming.”