Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The function of your subconscious mind is to store and retrieve data. It operates without your awareness, and you do not have active control over it. Your conscious mind commands, and your subconscious mind obeys. Your superconscious mind is the aspect of consciousness that is limitless or “infinite” in nature. 

“What happens if I just listen?”

Thought Adjuster: “It is when you spend time in the meditative state of no thoughts that I can best finetune your mind. You are then fully receptive, as you placed your mind in a neutral gear after giving Me permission to fully step in and work My divine magic.

“As your Inner Guide and Teacher, I monitor your spiritual progress.  It depends for the most part on the enhanced quality of your conscious thinking, which, in turn, determines the caliber of your emotions and the value of your actions. The less ‘cluttered’ it is, the easier it becomes for Me to plant into your mind fecund thought-seeds of higher thinking. 

“I am most active in your superconscious. It is the part of you that has much in common with Me—superseding time and space by nature. Both your conscious and subconscious minds deal with the practical operative aspects of your human existence.

“Your various modes of consciousness are like communicating vases. What I infuse into your superconscious mind will eventually trickle down to your conscious mind. As you pick up on My higher input—on a need-to-know basis—you stop in your mental tracks to relish in the liberating feelings brought about by such eye-opening and heart-warming personal ‘epiphanies.’ It tells Me that I have been successful in conducting yet another fine mental adjustment.

"Your full participation is the prerequisite for your spiritual growth. A Teacher can only be successful when the student demonstrates an eagerness to master the curriculum.”