The sky is weeping.

A shivering butterfly takes emergency shelter under a sunflower.

He couldn’t care less so deep is his distress.


A bee lands nearby, dressed up in lace and shimmering velvet.

Laughingly, off her drenched wings, she shakes off the wetness.

She hums a soothing tune; her voice is all sweetness.


Her laughter has the warmth of a ray of sunshine.

She comforts his heart, telling him of wonders.

Her words dry up his tears and act as mood lifters.


She knows of a country where Happiness reigns.

This Queen is her friend and rules over flowers

Of breathtaking beauty and dazzling colors.


In this land of dreams, pollen is plentiful.

One never goes hungry but enjoys lengthy days

Packed with joyful service and mischievous play.


Boredom has been banished

As well as her sister—Madam Melancholy.

At dusk, there is no fear of tripping in the dark.

They all have inner lights to guide them through the night.


“The path leading there is long and thorny

But I can show the way; it is easier for two.”

And joining at the wings without further ado,

Butterfly and Bee lift off with a splash of moisture,

Leaving in their trail, rain, clouds, and all mundane worries!


[Initial poem written in French by Agnès Armanet in 1975; adapted to English 8/28/16]





Sun, 08/28/2016