Oregon, US of A
Thursday, May 14, 2020

“Religion inspires man to live courageously and joyfully on the face of the earth; it joins patience with passion, insight to zeal, sympathy with power, and ideals with energy.” [UB 99:7:3]

Thought Adjuster: “As you read about the positive impact of religion, use this description as a criterion to assess whether your current religious experience matches this appealing depiction, infusing your inner life with warm and vibrant emotional hues.

Do you address your life challenges with a can-do-spirit?  Do you remain cheerful amid adversity?  Rather than resenting the delays of time, letting them stifle your inner drive, do you grasp that such prolongations are on your side, as one cannot rush growth?  Are you eager to translate into action your game-changing epiphanies?  Do you treat others kindly without compromising your moral values?  Do you invest sufficient energy to substantialize your ideals instead of operating in an unproductive day-dreaming mode?

If you cannot answer with a resounding ‘Yes’ to all of the above, you need to scout for a better ‘spiritual healthcare provider’ and trade up.  Don’t forget to remove the uncomfortable blindfold to which you grew accustomed.

What about the religion of Jesus?  He carefully developed His faith, sifting through the elements of established religions to substitute their fear-instilling, dogmatic admonitions with the refreshing insights of the living truth that always bears witness for Love in Action.

Jesus’ religious experience was authentic:  His demeanor was cheerful and brave. He patiently waited for His hour to come, fully invested in each present moment.  He was passionate about His identified calling. His genuine relationship with His Heavenly Father provided Him with a constant and reliable guidance system. He spoke with the authority that only unadulterated truth can confer.  He tirelessly dedicated His time and energy to shape a better world. His way of life was a brilliant presentation of all the ‘power points’ of His spiritual ‘affiliation.’

Your religious life can become a thrill once you secede from the pack of those who perfunctorily attend to their religious ‘duties.’ Do not settle for less than what Jesus made accessible through His living and revelatory example.

Positive emotions flow from your spiritual association with beings of high vibrations.  Why not ride on their inviting coattail rather than keeping your religious wagon hitched to the meandering caravans formed by frightened and downtrodden souls under the intimidating yoke of leaders unfit to give them access to the Promised Land of spiritual joy and abundance?”