Friday, March 6, 2015

Teacher:  “Dear one, you were just reading about telegraphing or sending messages with telepathy.  Your being is energy and so is everything in the universes.  Energy consists of various vibrations such as the ones in the musical, emotional, and color scales…  Your mind is a powerful transmitter.  It is truly equipped to transmit and to receive.  You experience it on a face to face level, whenever you are having a conversation, which is truly a mind connection that is being decoded by the spoken word and the hearing.  However, it originates in the mind. 

“Frequently with a close one, like your husband, you have telepathic communication as you are so familiar with the way his brain functions; hat triggers his thinking has also become a common trigger for your brain as well.  You can literally finish each other’s sentences.

“Spirit would like to communicate with you the same way.  We know you well but you are still discovering us.  Through your readings, you get a more precise idea about us; yet, it is a slow process as you cannot see us.  Trust that we are downloading information to you and trust in your ability to pick it up as your intuition is already quite developed.  Keep asking your questions and we will do our best to provide you with the answers in a way you can get them.  It is our task to figure that part out.  Your task is to be receptive.

“The connections are real and the relationships are ever developing as you are always intent to be in our presence.  We are with you, dear one.  We cheer you on and we rejoice in the fact that you are so eager to expand your being and to be of service.  Because of your willingness to serve, the Father can and does use you.  This is why you so frequently rejoice in the synchronicities of your life and in the expanded understanding of truth.  Truth is truly liberating as it is the User’s Manual, not only for your life, but for the whole cosmos.  Truth is the only reality there is.  Any alignment with truth leads to smooth running operations.  Any distortion of truth brings chaos and dysfunction.  Learn to stay in your truth and to revise your truth whenever you notice that adjustments are needed, course adjustments.”