Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Human life in this world and beyond is an endless apprenticeship toward increasing self-realization and cosmic understanding.  Based on your spiritual and intellectual development, you will qualify as bona fide Teachers who earned their credentials through sheer perseverance, and the application of the universal core values.

“You can only teach what you know.  The Father wishes for you to excel at what you know.  It is the reason why you re subjected to a great diversity of personal pop-up tests.  They provide you with an ongoing assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, thus pointing you in the right direction—your homecoming to Paradise, the most rewarding Graduation Ceremony ever staged.

“Parents or guardians are the first teachers of a child.  Naturally, the little ones will emulate their behaviors, as their ‘inner student’ has been programmed to look up to them—the custodians of experiential wisdom.

“Teach your children well” should be the parental Mission Statement.  It is indeed their divinely-appointed task to awaken in them the dormant core values encoded in their DNA.  Moreover, by doing so, parents are partaking to the worthwhile crusade of settling themselves, their family, and their world into Love and Light.  What a privilege it is if you look at it from this enlightened perspective!

“On the other hand, caretakers who shatter the innocence of a child by reckless, hurtful, and cruel behaviors would be taken aback if they were to witness the long-range implications of their dysfunctional behaviors.  Due to their inability to nurture the child with tender love and care, they are inflicting serious emotional damage on his psyche.  Those are reprehensible demeanors that adversely impact the child’s malleable mind.  A neglected child, too young to make sense of his predicament, is at high risk to conclude that he is unlovable.  The emotional dysfunction of his elders becomes the ‘norm’ of his existence and he is ‘heart-washed’ to believe that he deserves such mistreatments.  Sadly, history may repeat itself in the way he may treat his peers.

“The parental role is the cornerstone of the family institution.  It is the reason why there should not be such a thing as ‘unplanned parenthood.’  Parents-to-be have to understand the high demands, expectations, and sacred privilege of Parenthood in order to make the very informed decision to co-conceive children—the fragile receptacles of embryonic souls.”