Oregon, US of A
Saturday, December 9, 2017

“Increasingly, must you yield the fruits of the spirit as you progress heavenward in the kingdom of God. [UB 2054:03]

Thought Adjuster: “Love, compassion for humanity, and gratitude are part of the flavor of the Christ Consciousness.   These three attributes are very telling about how you are so very present in Christ’s Mind and Heart.  Those whom you love are present in your thoughts and, whether or not they are physically present in your life, they occupy a place of honor in your heart.

Gratitude is another amazing attribute of an open heart, as such a heart is able to detect the ever-present love that has been outpoured in everything there is.  Yours is to grow in your awareness of such moving expressions of love.  Whenever truth or beauty move your heart, there is love embedded into them.  Learn to look at everything that way, and you will discover many jewels shimmering among the coarser pebbles you encounter along your life’s path.

Christ is grateful!  Doesn’t it imply that He has a multitude of reasons to be so?  His gratitude is genuine—not a façade.  What about yours?  Put on the lenses of gratitude and your heart will join in with Christ’s heart in a glorious chant of praise that cannot but rise heavenwards as a heartfelt thank-you, finding its way to the Father’s Ears.

Christ is compassionate toward mankind!  Isn’t it another ‘insurance policy’ that guarantees that you are well taken care of, as any compassionate soul is not indifferent to other’s difficult predicaments and takes them to heart.

By pondering these facts, you will experience a shift in your attitude.  Its first side effect will be an amplification of the gratitude you feel.  It will bring ‘undying hope’ and ‘confiding trust’ into your life’s experience—two of the many fruits of Spirit.  Indeed, by connecting to the Tree of Life, you get to bear similar fruits.  Its spiritual sap is there to be shared with all.  Tap into it at will and it will gradually flood your whole being.”