Oregon, US of A
Thursday, February 7, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “The spiritual shift that your world experiences right now is also validated by unprecedented interspecies associations.  Some formerly hostile animal breeds are now lovingly interacting.  You see cats acting as wet nurses for orphan ducklings or piglets; swans catering to coy fish, and dogs becoming cats’ best pals.  The creation is opening up to the love of which it was deprived due to the protective measures rendered necessary by the widespread human dysfunction.

“In any relational breakdown, the element of Trust has to be restored.  It happens over time to validate that your formers antagonists changed their ways after undergoing a genuine change of heart.  They have to prove to you that they have emotionally stabilized, operate now under healthy patterns, and no longer present a threat to your welfare. 

“After acknowledging their ‘conversion,’ you can then safely let your guards down, as there remains nothing for you to guard yourself against.  It applies to all sentient creatures, as all have ‘love receptors.’ It is also why all creatures thrive when they finally receive the love they crave. 

“The providence of salvation is the ‘taming your souls.’  Many of you have been so badly hurt by the dysfunctional behaviors of your peers, that they have clammed up to the point of even shutting out their Inner Lover—the Father’s Fragment that indwells them.  Indeed, trusting comes hard to those who have been hurt badly. 

“For Love to freely flow, trust has to be restored.  The intended ‘recipient’ has to be ‘receptive.’  It all starts with setting the courageous intention to come out of your shell and get reacquainted with the world at large.  Do simultaneously enlist the ever-available assistance of your emotional bodyguards—your angelic guardians-ad-litem.  They will cheer you on each time you live your comfort zone, thus expanding its real estate.  Someday in the eternal future, the whole cosmos will have become your comfort zone! The timid and inhibited creatures you previously were will be unrecognizable.”