Oregon, US of A
Saturday, February 11, 2017

« What a mistake to dream of God far off in the skies when the spirit of the Universal Father lives within your own mind! »  [UB 64:06]

Thought Adjuster:  “You were just reading about Me, one of the innumerable Divine Fragments that the Father generously and indiscriminately bestows on His children of time at their first moral decision in order to be an integral part of their lives—if they let Him.

“It is a mind-staggering fact, well worth pondering, as it is what makes the Divine part of your most intimate daily reality—whether it is acknowledged by you or not.

“As pre-personal Divine Fragments, Our longings are to fuse with the fragrant designer essence of your personality.  The Father blesses each one of you with a unique facet of Himself with the admonition to “become perfect as He is perfect.”  Thus doing, you manifest Him in your reality.

“After your first initiation years as a human being, and once you demonstrate that you are able to favor good over evil—whether potential or real—the Father immediately dispatches one of His Fragments to indwell you.  It is a moment of great hope and celebration for Us!

“The Father blesses you with attributes of His personality and then dispatches a Fragment of Himself to fertilize them and nurture them to their full expression—at which point He will fuse with you, as you will have become ‘godlike’ and thus qualified yourself to be a perfect match for the Divine Donor—without any further risk of rejection. 

“Yours is to ‘willingly’ embrace the Father’s Vision for your life and to allow the taming of your soul.  Mine is to ‘willingly’ come to indwell you and be subjected to your immature whims until such time when a reversal of situation takes place when you declare your wholehearted willingness to surrender your will to Mine—another powerful activation process.

“Indeed, I Am Your Soul Whisperer at first, interjecting in your mind whenever your unruly thoughts threaten to take you on a wild and dangerous rampage.  Just as a wild horse finally calms down after getting to trust its trainer, you too will, after gaining more self-mastery, eventually allow Me to ‘saddle-up,’ as you come to trust in the wisdom of My higher guidance and to allow Me to lead you to greener soul pastures.”