Oregon, US of A
Friday, February 23, 2018

“…you must all learn the value of rest and the efficacy of relaxation.  You must realize that the best method of solving some entangled problems is to forsake them for a while…. Again, many times your problem is found to have shrunk in size and proportions while you have been resting your mind and body.”  [UB Paper 143, Section 3]

“Upon reading the above words of your Master Jesus, the first thing that came to your mind is how ‘enlightened’ and ‘wise’ He was at such a young age.  His precocious maturity arose from the fact that He lived with constant awareness, thus extracting from any situation its rich content in higher understanding and wisdom.

“Secondly, as you well know, He spent much time in the Stillness, sharing His most intimate thoughts with His ever-available Heavenly Father and asking Him to act as His ‘Sounding Board’. This is the reason why His highly ‘informed’ life’s decisions are still impactful to this day. 

“This brings us back to the topic of R&R—Rest and Relaxation.  They are needs—not luxuries as they have come to be understood by many of you.  Indeed, you can access these states of mind without booking the services of a travel agent or be embarking a cruise that you cannot afford—which would generate added financial stress in your already stressful life.

“You can and should take a healthy timeout whenever you feel overwhelmed by your life’s predicament.  Wise parents send their acting-up offspring to the safety of their room to distance them from the cause of their distress.  Indeed, you cannot reconnect with your inner peace when you are still tossed around by the violence of your emotional storm.  Calmness can only be accessed from a ‘peace-filled’ place, thus giving you the much-needed respite to regroup and calmly reassess your situation with the whispered and soothing feedback of your Inner Guide.

“Dear children, it is not ‘selfish’ to separate yourself from the crowd time and again.  Not only is it an act of self-preservation, but it also protects others from the possible adverse effects of your bottled-up volatile energies.

“Problems cannot be solved from the same perspective they came about.  This is the reason why you need to first distance yourself from the situation in order to become able to look at it with a new outlook—just as an artist veils his canvass for a while before resuming his artwork from a more detached and objective perspective.

“Take a vacation from your problems! Take a walk in the park!  Go and smell the roses! Bask in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness and you will return refreshed and rejuvenated.  These resources are at all times available to you.  You will then discover “that human perplexities are in reality non-existent, that many pressing troubles are the creations of exaggerated fear and the offspring of augmented apprehension.”  [UB Paper 143, Section 3]