Oregon, US of A
Saturday, August 18, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Whenever you experience spiritual shortness of breath, it causes you great anxiety. Whenever you feel cornered by the severity of your trials and tribulations, BREATHE!  Deliberately, take deep and slow breaths, as they are your escape pods.  How so?

“Troubles, ganged up with anxieties, generate great inner tensions.   Their energetic charge may even trigger erratic heartbeats coupled with shortness of breath.  You can retrace your down-spiraling emotional steps back to a state of emotional balance by consciously working on restoring the harmonious and relaxed flow of your breathing.  Your breath is both of this world and out of this world.  Ponder this statement for a while, as it reveals to you a great secret.

“The Breath of God is at the onset of all life—yours included.  It is a free-flowing, all-encompassing Breath of Love.  It is life-giving, and your very first breath upon your emergence into this material reality was part of the chain of custody of the Divine Breath.  Doesn’t it make you immensely appreciative for each breath you take? 

“Your breathing is indeed an invisible link between your spiritual and physical reality.  As well, it impacts your emotional experience.  Conscious breathing helps you cultivate mindfulness, and mindfulness keeps you solidly grounded in each present moment. 

“Whenever you feel confused and overwhelmed, JUST BREATHE and the nervous domino effect of these trying situations will slowly subside as you regain your composure.  Breathe fully and visualize that, with each inhalation, you are taking in purified air and circulating it through every cell and fiber of your being—at all its levels.  As you exhale, you are detoxifying, expelling all stress and worries to be organically composted. 

“Such premediated breathing opens you up to receive an influx of fresh air that dispels all inner emotional staleness, blessing you with its healing qualities and sublime aromatherapy.”