Oregon, US of A
Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, the universe is not random because it is intentional.  Everything has been set in motion by intentions – by the original Intention of the Alpha and Omega and by the intentions of the myriads upon myriads of helpers in the co-creative process. 

“Unfortunately, when things do not unfold according to the original blue print, due to misguided free will choices of individual co-creators, their outcome may appear chaotic and disorganized.  It is in fact the case.  Chaos results from not adhering to the mathematical laws of creation.  When things are in the flow, there is no resistance and alignment becomes possible between all the parts of the same organism.  When wills are not focused on the same highest intention, the multitude of self-serving lower agendas brings to life many unwanted results, results which are like viruses and threaten to break down the whole organism.

“Synchronicities are the unveiling of opportunities.  They are bringing your awareness to the fact that your life circumstances can be orchestrated to guide you forward.  Synchronicities are nudges and reveal to you the fact that you are part of a team, a team who performs well.  Synchronicities are gifts contained within each moment of each day.  Some go completely unnoticed but others stand out of the ordinary routine and are like signposts or banners that Spirit waves at you to remind you that you are not alone. 

“Gratitude arises from becoming aware of this amazing work of coordination.  Faith gets strengthened through it as well.  Ask for more and more awareness so that you can synchronize your own watch to the divine timing as each one of these synchronicities is bringing you and the planet in greater alignment with the divine timing.”