Oregon, US of A
Friday, May 3, 2019

“Those who are God-conscious without symbolism must not deny the grace-ministry of the symbol to those who find it difficult to worship Deity and to revere truth, beauty, and goodness without form and ritual.”  [UB 999:03]

Thought Adjuster: “The thought came to your mind upon reading the above statement that symbolism acts as an outward token to facilitate the connection with Spirit—visible elements from the outer reality standing as proxies for the invisible realities of the inner world.

“Frequently, people resort to the use of symbols as an international sign language.  No words needed.  From this perspective, symbols hold great significance and are less likely to be misinterpreted than words.

“St. Valentine became the patron of lovers; heart-shaped gifts or red roses are unequivocal messengers of love—subtle love affirmations that speak as loud or louder than words. Indeed, when at its best, the love language boils down to the silent language of selfless deeds.

“To this day, many world religions still display much symbolism.  It is where many of them had their crude beginnings.  What primitive men and women failed to understand due to the lack of scientific knowledge was often revered as divine. As long as the underlying intentions of such a quest for the Divine are genuine, the Father will acknowledge such tokens of the heart, just as lovers acknowledge the many symbols of the courtship—especially the engagement ring.

“The cross became the central symbol of Christianity—this accessory to murder came to symbolize Christ’s undying love for humanity.  In that sense, the infusion of love in any symbol renders it sacred. 

“Symbols can be used as subtle reminders in your quest for a more solid connection with the Divine.  It does not matter where you start from on your spiritual journey. What matters is the direction toward which you are heading.  Just as lovers get to consume their love after the engagement period, you too will, over time, establish a close and personal relationship with your Divine Indweller—the Father’s Fragment that lives within you.  When you reach that point of no return, you will no longer need symbols, as the Real Thing will surpass by far the spiritual walking aids that supported you when you took your first spiritual steps.”