Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, February 6, 2019

“The universes are eternally stable.  There is stability in the midst of apparent instability.”  [UB 55:03]

Thought Adjuster: “Whenever you throw a stone in a tranquil pond, there ensues a ripple effect, intense at first but subsiding over time until the body of water regains calmness and serenity.  This phenomenon occurs all over the far-reaching universes—as well as within yourself.  It is the nuts and bolts of the creative expansion.

“Let us then view Chaos from a new angle.  It is a mover and shaker—a powerful reorganizer and agent of change.  None of you relishes going through tumultuous times.  Your tribulations make you cringe. They throw an unexpected wrench into what you may perceive to be your well-oiled and smooth-running experiential time machine.  However, they are cosmically orchestrated as catalysts for your progressive evolution if you correctly decipher their prompts.

“How so?  Disharmony is turbulent.  Both your body and mind are equipped with complex defense and regulatory mechanisms.  You are a micro-cosmos fitted within in a macro-organism.  It should, therefore, not come as a surprise that it requires much reshuffling to harmonize the overall creative endeavor. 

“Whenever you experience inner turmoil, go within to pinpoint its trigger factors.  What has been hurled into your emotional pond?  How do you regain your composure and come back to your center?

“Chaos is the Petri dish where your greatness is cultured—provided you let things follow their natural course without letting their violent eruptions be overly disruptive. It is how you learn to surf through rough life’s currents, calmly steering the rudder of your destiny.”