Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, January 17, 2017

“ is the dominant characteristic of all God’s personal dealings with his creatures.”  [UB40:04]

Thought Adjuster:  “Isn’t it amazing to ponder that each human being has been encoded with the potential to become ‘godlike’?  How can this even be possible?  The key to that challenge is contained in Love.  Follow the Love!  Follow the path that contains the most Love!  This is what your Master Jesus did while exemplifying a ‘godlike’ life.

“Love is the measuring stick—the only one that actually matters.  It would be extremely beneficial for each individual to go within whenever falling prey to unloving emotions.  The way back to the Father is the way of Love—it is to follow the heart prints of Jesus.

“Jesus lived in politically very challenging and restless times.  Yet, He consistently refused to express His personal opinion toward the political machine.  He stressed over and over the fact that human establishments shall come and go but that working toward the divine kingdom on earth is of eternal import.  How did He go about to do so?  He served, and served, and served some more. 

“Dear ones, do not let yourself become destabilized by what is happening on your world—in your country.  Rather, orient yourself internally by raising to the challenges at hand and choosing Love over any hateful, destructive and disrespectful emotions.  Whenever you stay grounded in Love, you preserve an inner state of harmony.  Whenever you step out of Love, you set foot on dangerous quicksand at the expense of your inner peace. 

“Hate is never the answer as it creates more divisiveness and incompatibilities.  Those who practice Love in Action are the true followers of Christ. They are the ones bearing His insignia and gaining precious ground on this world.  Go within and ponder how you can amplify such a selfless Love and how you can exemplify it as well—not through lip service but by wholeheartedly enlisting in the cause of Love.  This is the only doable way to upgrade the world you live in. 

“Let go of blame; let go of resentment; let go of disrespect.  These lower emotions will not succeed at making you feel good about yourself.  How could they? 

Rather, always ponder your inner options and consistently choose the way that contains the most love—toward yourself and toward others.  This super glue can fix what is broken on your world.  Give it a try as it is bound to be productive!  Consciously change your reactional patterns and you will witness a raise in your self-esteem and in the way you deal with your siblings.”