Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Teacher:  I love you” are words which are so frequently spoken on this planet - three small words with a huge content.  Love is an energy, an energetic substance, which infuses the all creation.  The ability to tap into this substance is what allows your heart to expand as love, by its very nature, cannot fit in closed and tight spaces.  Love suffocates if it is being monopolized or greedily held back.  Love multiplies whenever it is truly shared as it takes at least two to love.  Love is not a one way street, love is a two way boulevard – actually it is more like a roundabout. What goes around comes around.


“As you focus your life more and more on the expression of you own love, your being will be transformed by it.  Service is truly the highest expression of love, its manifestation, its actualization.  Without being channeled through altruistic service, Love is not empowered.  Love is a potential which needs to be activated and Spirit Led. 


“Your Master, Jesus, was a shining example of what True Love is about as He dedicated His whole life to higher service, on multiple levels - Service to the Father, Service to His siblings, His own family, Service to others – even the hard to love ones.  Love does not discriminate, a loving heart just extend itself to everyone and everything, without placing any artificial barriers in its own way.


“Do not restrict your ability to love.  Do not clog your love channels.  The more you allow Love to flow through your being, the more you expand your ability to Love – to receive Love and to respond with Love.  Love is truly the circulatory system of the universes.  This is the reason why Unity in Diversity is the modus operandi of the universes.  Embrace diversity with love and gratitude.  Express your own uniqueness with self respect and dignity.  Do not be embarrassed by who you are.  You are unique and precious.  Comparing yourself with others will never help you in embracing your own God given unique gifts.  Support others in their own expression.  The Father’s gifts are meant to be shared and appreciated by all.”