Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Teacher Uteah: “Teachings take place in multiple ways:  sometimes, it is the mere imparting of wisdom through the spoken word; other times, it is hands-on experiences—practical homework.  The best teachings are not learned by rote but mastered with your heart—integrated into the fabric of your being.

“Sitting in the Stillness is a very efficient ‘teaching modality,’ as your receptivity allows for Spirit and Its Helpers to download precious data subliminally into your super-conscious mind.  Such treasures will eventually trickle down all the way to your conscious mind for you to acknowledge and articulate in your own words—lesson received. 

“The advantage of ‘subliminal’ teachings is that they are set ‘on a divine timer.’  Once downloaded in your mind, you will retrieve their substance when life provides you with the corresponding catalyst.  It is the reason why you are far more ‘resourceful’ than you give yourself credit. 

“There are unsuspected reserves of strength within each one of you, orchestrated from Above to be tapped into as needed.  “I did not think I had it in me” is often said by those who emerge from grueling episodes.  Indeed, in His Foresight, the Father provides you with ‘emergency packages’— a reserve tank of fuel so that you do not run on empty when traveling along some treacherous stretches devoid of regular refueling stations.

Dear ones, go within often to regroup.  It is your ‘VIP traveler’s lounge.’”