Oregon, US of A
Saturday, August 22, 2020

“Anxiety was a natural state of the savage mind. […] and when anxiety becomes actually painful, it inhibits activity and unfailingly institutes evolutionary changes and biologic adaptations. Pain and suffering are essential to progressive evolution.  [UB 86:2:1]

Thought Adjuster: “Whenever you are under the grip of pain, it is a hands-on opportunity to reflect on its substance. What happens when you dwell on painful sensations, acknowledging them instead of attempting to ward them off. Will it unlock any door of personal enlightenment? 

Among the eleven forms of pain scientifically recorded, the most familiar ones are acute and chronic pain. Acute pain occurs suddenly, alerting you of the potential takeover by a disease or a bodily threat. Chronic pain lasts beyond the usual duration of time that an insult or injury to the body needs to heal. It will subside as long as its causations remain undetected.  

Pain occurs when your state-of-the-art, inbuilt ‘home security system’ is tripped by foreign agents, sending immediate physical or emotional warning signals that alert you to imminent danger.  

If you fail to take immediate remedial action, a hostile takeover may occur after ‘disarming’ your immune system. Such a death threat may end up listed as a cause of death. 

The invisible emotional realities are much harder to bring into focus. A hateful word may trigger fear, paranoia, anger, hostility, aggression, resentment, grudges, helplessness, powerlessness, injustice, inadequacy, and shame.

Psychologist Bernard Golden explained that hate "like much of anger, is a reaction to and distraction from some form of inner pain. The individual consumed by hate may believe that the only way to regain some sense of power over his or her pain is to preemptively strike out at others. In this context, each moment of hate is a temporary reprieve from inner suffering."  

Instead of being blindsided by hate, keep your inner eyes open. Dive within to scout for the actual stressor—the emotion that needs to be lovingly tended to after you lure it out of its hiding place in your auric field. It could well be that it was hiding in plain view.”