Oregon, US of A
Saturday, July 28, 2018


“The true teacher maintains his intellectual integrity by ever remaining a learner.”  [UB, 1433:02]

Thought Adjuster: “Why is it that, so often, those considered as teachers on your world behave as 'know-it-all'?  Each teacher was once a student of a specific area of interest.  And each one of you is foremost a student of life in general.  Yet, how come that so many of you have developed a superiority complex over others?

“Indeed, such a behavior is prideful and demonstrates that such overinflated egos have not ‘self-mastered’, that they are still undergoing a learning curve.  Surely, you deserve some recognition for your personal achievements.  The self-respect you acquire in the process is your best reward, while the adulation of your peers might prove to be detrimental when blanket recognition is given indiscriminately while it should be restricted to the deserving areas of achievement.

“Jesus was spontaneously awarded the honorary titles of Teacher and Master by many of His peers—those who recognized His unprecedented character achievements—the self-mastery He exhibited under any given circumstances.  Yet, even Jesus remained a humble student of humanity.  He was not an ‘accidental tourist’ on your planet.  His incarnation was part of His own educational curriculum where He got a very bitter taste of what a challenging human life may turn out to be.  Yet, He extracted precious lessons from each day spent on Earth.  By personal experience, He can relate to each one of you and His Spirit of Truth keeps teaching you from beyond the veil.

“How boring life would be if you would ever reach the point of intellectual and spiritual saturation!  What else could you strive for in your eternal self-improvement quest?  Dear ones, as Jesus role modeled it for you, do not hold your achievements or your blessings over others.  Rather, freely share them with them so that they can learn from you and thus doing, have opportunities to discover their own gifts and strengths and place them on the offering plate from which humanity can take nutritious servings.”