Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, you just read in the Urantia Book about the Central Isle of Paradise and its quiescence.  It is truly the nuclear core of all creation.  Whenever you sit in the Stillness to connect with Me and you experience the stillness in your being, you can get a small taste of the amazing feeling of Peace that pervades the Isle of Paradise and the Havona worlds.  Can you imagine worlds devoid of any type of conflict?  Can you fathom perfect harmony?

“You can only get small glimpses of that peace that passes all understanding when you experience peace in your own being.  And yet, the electro-chemical activities taking place in your physical body may run some interference in that sense of peace which can be experienced on a spiritual level.

“Peace is conductive to perfect relaxation, to a release of all tensions, to a letting go of all barriers erected for self-protection as you live in an environment which is not 100% safe.

“The Isle of Paradise--the abode of the Universe Father, is a place of utmost perfection, devoid of any darkness.  It is a place where all beings are connected in Oneness with one another and with the Divine Presence.  It is a place where all souls are literally singing songs of joy, of ecstatic joy.  It is the highest spiritual high you could ever experience.

“You have to slowly work your way toward that Promised Land as you have to become more and more divested of any inharmonious spots within your being.  Everything is a perfect fit in Paradise.  Nothing will be allowed there which is below the heavenly standards of Truth, Beauty and Goodness.  The Father is creating a Master Piece at an amazing scale and all the parts of this Master Piece are master pieces on their own right.

“Keep working at balancing your own organism, at discarding any place of uneasiness within you, so that, as you keep evolving, you co-create your own environment where everything runs smoothly and harmoniously.  Strive for harmony as harmony is the password which will let you into the next level and the next one.  The more you refine it within your being, the more you will ascend to higher levels where the structure and substance of everything is more and more rarefied, where the spiritual atmosphere is purer and purer.  There is no pollution, nor risk of contamination in Paradise.”