Oregon, US of A
Friday, December 1, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about the Story Lines.  It seems that you are constantly exposed to a multitude of storylines interpreting the same factual event.  What do I mean by that?  As far as the truth is concerned, there can only be one storyline—one valid and irrefutable interpretation of the facts. 

Yet, your mass media whose single objective should be the uncovering of the Truth are immensely failing in their sacred job assignment, thus breaching the public trust.  They contribute to a state of extreme confusion by putting forth a very tinted view of current or past events.  They have become adept at creating ‘unreasonable’ doubt about Truth.  How is such a thing possible?

Again, it all boils down to the iniquitous promotion of misguided and deceptive agendas.  No wonder that your Master Jesus kept advocating a personal connection with the Spirit of Truth, as it is the liberating influence of the fetters of fears and deception, the circulation of false rumors, gossip, hearsay, and all unprofessional behaviors exhibited by those who should only advocate the Truth.  Instead, many operate on contrasting guidelines: “If it does not promote your agenda, twist the truth, defame it, and calumny it.” 

This is how so many ‘antichrist-like’ influences come to see the light of day.  Dear ones, do not jump to hasty conclusions whenever you hear contradictory information.  Rather, go within to disengage yourself from the strong and at times passionate emotional responses they trigger in you.  Calm down the emotional flare that you experience and go within to check with your “Truth Detector”—your Indwelling Divine Fragment who is totally devoted to connecting you with all Truth and nothing but the Truth.  This is how you will learn to navigate the many landmines of untruth that are seeded along your way, intending to confuse you and disable you.”