Oregon, US of A
Monday, November 6, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “It is good that you initiate the receiving process even though you have no clue as to the subject of our communication.  This should validate the fact that what you are receiving is not stemming from your own mind but that you indeed put your mind to higher service in order to become a conduit for higher communications.

Spirit can and will talk when your mind is silent, focused, and fully receptive.  Indeed, many fainter sounds become audible against the background of silence, just as many tiny colored dots become visible against the backdrop of a white canvass.

This should encourage many of you to investigate that amazing fact, as your reality consists of a multiplicity of layers, many of them not meeting the eye at first glance or being seemingly out of earshot. 

A still mind offers the best soil for Spirit to seed Its enlightenment, while a busy mind fails to be receptive.  It is of great importance in your personal development to practice the Stillness, as it is the door opener to your spiritual life.  Stillness is its usher, so to speak. 

When you wish to watch a movie, you settle in your seat and turn off your cell phone, expecting the other spectators to do the same so that you can enjoy the movie without any distractions.  You cannot have a date with Spirit if you do not demonstrate the same courtesy.  Indeed, the level of intimacy you will develop with Spirit depends on your attitude and on how you set the stage for such a meaningful encounter.  Spirit responds to the sincere attitude of the heart—whole-hearted, not half-hearted.”