Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, February 21, 2018

“The courage of the flesh is the lowest form of bravery.  Mind bravery is a higher type of human courage, but the highest and supreme is uncompromising loyalty to the enlightened convictions of profound spiritual realities.  And such courage constitutes the heroism of the God-knowing man.”  [UB Paper 143, Section 1]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us elaborate on the above statement by your Master Jesus—a man who knew what He was talking about and who, by dying uncomplaining on the cross exhibited the highest possible form of heroism and self-mastery. 

“Both humans and animals are under the influence of the Adjutant Mind Spirit of Courage so that they can deal with the real threats and dangers that abound on your planet.  Viewed from this perspective, this is indeed the most basic form of courage.  Next comes ‘mind bravery’—a form of courage that distinguishes you from your animal fellows.  It has something to do with having the courage of ‘taking chances’ and remaining ‘mentally’ strong no matter what life throws at you, thus developing greater mental resilience and fortitude.

“Yet, the highest form of ‘heroism’ is ‘uncompromising loyalty to the enlightened convictions of profound spiritual realities’—it is having the courage to stand out from a complacent crowd.  Indeed, a courageous soul is known to take leaps of faith after leaps of faith.  It takes great courage to let go of your comfort zone and follow the leadings of Spirit, as Spirit’s first and foremost agenda is to help you grow a weighty soul.

“Just as a baby bird needs to strengthen its ‘wing-power’ before engaging in long-distance migrations, your budding soul becomes ‘travel-worthy’ by developing its ‘will-power’ and ‘courageously’ addressing challenging emotional and spiritual situations. 

“Those who know God, believe in His eternal promises that are the best soul motivators to live according to the eternal values of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  It takes courage to be ‘truthful’—whether it is to debunk your self-lies or to stick to your guns when it comes to standing up for what you experientially ‘know’ to be true, in spite of the contrary public opinion.  At the same time, it does mightily liberate your soul, as it does not feel good to be ‘conflicted’. 

“Dear ones, be on the lookout for opportunities to exhibit your spiritual bravery.  The Father is in need of many spiritual warriors, as His kingdom is of a spiritual nature.  Spiritual warfare targets evil spiritual influences—on the inner and the outer.  By keeping at it, you will eventually have claimed your spiritual independence and gained precious self-mastery—the most wonderful spoils of war.  Spiritual Warriors do not take any prisoners.  Rather, they ‘liberate’ the many souls that were previously held hostage by their spiritual ignorance.”