Oregon, US of A
Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, let us talk today about Spiritual Giants.  What does that mean?  When you search through the history of your planet, you will encounter those beings who, in human form, have made such a difference in the spiritual surroundings that they truly can be considered as Spiritual Giants.

“Your Master, Jesus, was a spiritual giant.  Through his constant connection with the Father, his short life left a huge spiritual legacy to this world – and beyond. Each human being has the potential to be a spiritual giant.  First of all, in order to manifest such a dormant potential, they need to put an end to all negative self-talk.  Negative self-talk has a powerful power of conviction on the one who does the self-talking.  Why would you choose to depreciate yourself in such a way?  The Father NEVER addresses His beloved children that way.  The Father ALWAYS encourages His children and infuses them with the powerful and empowering Can-Do Spirit.

“This is the first step toward the manifestation of greatness.  Instead of negatively looking at yourself, practice positive self-talk and look at yourself with gratitude in your heart as you are the result of many blessings and gifts that have been generously bestowed upon you by the Creator and His helpers.

“I am right here within you and I know you well as my perception of you is unbiased.  I have a vested interest in you, in your greatness; by helping you becoming the best you can be, I am thanking the Father for the miracles unfolding within you and for His eternal promise that all is well.  After changing the way you perceive yourself and giving thanks to the Father, you will be able to step into your greatness.  The Spiritual Giants are those who never allowed apparent life challenges and tribulations to defeat them.  They turned them into victories and shining offerings to the Father. 

“Every situation can be treated as a gift.  Its wrapping may look inconspicuous, but, as you allow life to unwrap the hidden gift, you will get to realize that it was much needed for your growth, that this gift was actually a personalized gift as it was and is meeting your needs – your spiritual needs, rather than your wants.

“The Father will ALWAYS meet your needs, at all levels.  He will compensate for the lack of spiritual nourishment that many of His children experience due to their birth family or the circumstances of their environment.  He will turn every situation into a lesson, learned in the classroom of life.  You are the student and, as such, all you need to do is to apply yourself to integrate each experiential lesson into the intricate weave of your being. 

“Little by little, they will become visible embellishments to your character and your character will expand and, through our loving connection and collaboration, we will become the Spiritual Giant who was dormant within you.  The Father thinks big and there is greatness contained in all His work.  Look up at one another instead of talking down to each other.  That simple change of attitude will unleash the power of change, the power of infusing confidence in one another.  The results will be amazing.  Those are the true miracles of life.”