Oregon, US of A
Sunday, June 17, 2018

“The reason of science is based on the observable facts of time; the faith of religion argues from the spirit program of eternity. What knowledge and reason cannot do for us, true wisdom admonishes us to allow faith to accomplish through religious insight and spiritual transformation.”  [UB 1119:01]

Thought Adjuster: “Human beings are highly complex creatures consisting of much more than what meets the eye.  Unlike animals, they have been endowed with the ability to explore their own being.  Doesn’t it hint at the fact that, once they come to gradually solve the mystery of who they are all about, such answers will greatly enhance the outreach of their lives?

“This can only occur through the acquisition of religious insight and the finetuning process of spiritual transformation.  Unless individuals start exploring the invisible facets of their persona, they will merely function at the down-to-earth animalistic level of their being and such purely materialistic experiences won’t adequately sustain the needs of their embryonic soul, thus resulting in spiritual anorexia.

“Indeed, knowledge can enhance your understanding and awaken your curiosity for more.  Yet, it is no substitute for the personal experience of growing in faith and becoming spiritually transformed through this inner metamorphosis. 

“On the surface, Jesus appeared as an ordinary man, thus making it hard for others to acknowledge how special He was.  Yet, on the inner, He was exceptional—having cultivated His personal faith and brought it to maturity.  Those who came into personal contact with Him were amazed by the wealth of His personality and the integrity of His character.  Those cannot be acquired through the mere accumulation of knowledge—a knowledge that frequently fools their detainers to believe that they are superior to their less educated siblings.

“The only knowledge that matters is the one that you acquire in your heart:  It is acquired over time by your personal initiative to get to know the Source and the Reason of your being.  It leads you to expand your ability to love unconditionally.  It also raises the frequencies of your emotional being and allows you to have more interactions with your Divine Indweller that vibrates at optimum frequencies. 

This is the reason why a genuine spiritual experience cannot but improve over time—always renewed; always driving you to yearn for more.”