Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “Relaxation is conducive to an in-flow of inspiration. On the other hand, as often experienced in your world, tensions and anxieties stifle creativity.

 Knowing this, condition your morning stillness time by taking deep intentional breaths. Visualize particles of ‘in-spiration’ moving in on your air intake. As you exhale, flush out any remnants of stale energies so that your entire being gets ‘vivified’ by the inflow of Divine Breath. Yes, Spirit rides on the coattail of your breath!

Conscious living is remembering that the energies that keep you alive, moving, and doing, originate in the Sacred Heart that resides in Paradise. Those energies should be honored and put to the highest use instead of being squandered and denatured in unholy endeavors—thus showing great disrespect and lack of appreciation for these most precious gifts.

 As you consciously relax into this moment, your breathing deepens, quieting your mind. It is in this vast inner realm that our conversation takes place—My Still Small Voice becoming audible to your inner ears. It is a blissful moment when your mind registers My leadings and lends me its undivided attention, thus becoming a gateway toward the manifestation of unsuspected greatness.  

The divinely-ordained co-creative process unfolds when each carefully engineered part snuggly fits with others, disclosing their new mission assignment as a spirited team. Once your will power fuses with Mine, it gets multiplied a thousandfold and can ‘real-ize’ mighty works.  

“If you had the faith of a mustard seed, you could move mountains.”  Those are no empty words, as demonstrated by the exponential nuclear power unleashed by the fusion of tiny atoms. Do not underestimate your potentials! Activate them by aligning your will to Mine—just as you unlock the door of an armored safe by lining up in a correct sequence the digits of its secret combination. Once opened, you can take possession of its content, which will provide you the needed resources to implement our ‘big thinking’—thus concretizing what was previously abstract.”