Oregon, US of A
Friday, February 10, 2017

Teacher:  “You asked us to elaborate about what it means to have access to the Mind Circuits and how to benefit from these spiritual connections.

“You are familiar with the concepts of ‘networks’ and ‘grids,’ as there is a variety of them that have been installed all over your planet to provide her inhabitants with electricity, water, and phone coverage, among others.

“Each one of these networks has to be connected to a source that generates what is being received at the other end of the pipeline.  No matter how long it takes for the content of the conduit to reach its destination—you—its content remains unadulterated in the process—provided there are no leaks.

“The same applies to the spiritual plane.  You may perceive your Divine Source as infinitely remote.  Yet, such is not the case and this is the very reason why such amazing mental networks have been put into place all over the Superuniverse.  They act as connective tissues between the Creator and His creatures. 

“Just as you can instantly connect with your loved one through the skype technology, you can as well at any moment ‘skype’ with your Heavenly Father and His associated Spirits—the Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit, among others.

“You have received such a prerogative straight from the Source—a much underutilized privilege.  Why would you choose unreliable sources of information while the Spirit of Truth can be your go-to whenever you are in need of enlightenment?  As well, His Consort, the Holy Spirit, is also omnipresent, as Her motherly role is to hold all Her cosmic children in Her all-encompassing embrace. 

“Dear ones, yours is to place the call and wait in the Stillness for optimal reception.  You may think that you are not succeeding on your first attempts.  Yet, such is not the case, as Spirit is always in stand-by, waiting for opportunities to spread Its Truth and Its Love, as you are His beloved, constantly pulling at His heartstrings.”