Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Guardian Angel:  “ Dear child, there is no such thing as unemployment and idleness in the universes.  Every single being in existence was created with a specific job assignment in mind and every single being was designed to fulfill it to perfection as perfection is the ultimate goal of All That Is.  The only variable is the timing of each co-creation.  Many beings are created based on the future needs of the Universes, the even bigger picture, the picture which is still a mental picture in the Creator’s mind.

“An artist starts with a blank canvass; he selects the palette of colors as well as all the various tools and brushes which will be needed to accentuate every little details that will contribute to the magnificence of the painting.  Some new needs may arise during the process and the artist will have to pause and figure out how to acquire the needed tools in order to manifest on the canvass the totality of his vision.  Sometimes even, he may come to a point where a new tool will have to be invented in order to facilitate the execution of the project.

“When His children turn to Him in prayer and share with the Father the most intimate details of their lives, the Father’s heart may be moved to dispatch into their lives some specific assistance which responds to their immediate needs.  Not only does the Father has myriads of beings on duty all over His universes, but He also has a Reserve Corps of many beings who can be dispatched whenever such a  need arises. 

“The Father always has a back-up plan so that He is never caught off guard.  His vision is all encompassing of the past, present and future needs.  In His vision that reaches through eternity, the Father keeps providing the necessary continued education to each one of His children so as to enhance their expertise at many levels.  How exciting it is to know that you will master more and more skills and that you will become more and more qualified to be of greater service and to participate in so many of the Father’s co-creative visions!  The sky is not the limit.”