Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Teacher Uteah: “There is Artwork, and there is ‘HeArt work.’  What some call ‘art’ often falls short of the artistic criteria of the expression of an open heart.  In the Father’s Eyes, they are one and the same.  But in your human reality, they are frequently disassociated when artwork fails to instill you with an emotional boost. 

“The Father’s entire creation is HEART WORK—in all its minutia.  Not only did He conceive practical surroundings for His children that support the life force coursing through their bodies, but He also adorned that environment for the sheer joy of the beholders.  Not settling for black and white, He used an ‘awe-provoking’ palette of colors.

“His Love is manifest in all the areas perceived by your physical senses and beyond their limited scope:  the full range of palatable nutrients; the vast array of textures; the harmonics of sounds…  If that it is not LOVE, what is it?

“Art expresses the ambient emotional climate of the ‘HeArtist.’  By plucking at hour heartstrings, it leaves an emotional echo.  A depressed musician cannot but compose a sad piece that will never amount to even a knock-off version of joy.  However, you can upgrade your emotional state through the contemplation of authentic and joy-infused ‘HeArtwork.’  It may feel unnatural at first, but it is doable, as subjected to the failproof Law of Cause and Effect.

“Dear ones, be resourceful in your dealings with unpleasant emotions.  Rewire yourself proactively into a grid of heartwarming frequencies.  It is how YOU color your reality with the crayons of positive thinking and feeling.  Give it a try and don’t forget to come to Me for Show-and-Tell.”